Drum Meditation
meditation for the rest of us

Welcome to the Drum Meditation website. Meditation for the rest of us. No new philosophies.
No sacred chants. Just drumming, relaxing, meditating, and building a stronger mind. Simple.

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Why Choose Drum Meditation©

Listening to drums is the single best tool to achieve a relaxed meditative state.

Drumming has been proven to create Alpha rhythms in the brain, which is the level of meditation.

Drumming is 100% natural. There are no electronic tones or side effects.

The drums just create rhythms to help you feel better, gain confidence, overcome obstacles, etc.

Traditionally the breath is used as the object of meditation but it is very difficult to do and takes a lot of practice. Listening to the drum is easy.

With the Drum Meditation© program you follow the set up exercises, listen to the drums, and learn to be in control of your life. When we 'respond' instead of 'react' we move ourselves toward successful living.

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